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(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the PhenomeMOM Mother's Day Awards Brunch?

Uplift Your Sister along with founder Schawayna Raie created this event to celebrate the EVERY DAY Mothers. The ones that are not usually celebrated. The ceremony includes brunch but also a fellowship of mothers being celebrated together by the people that love them the most! The awards that are given are just an added bonus.

 2. Can men attend?

Do the men have women that they want to celebrate????? YES, they are very welcome! Actually, the men who have come in the past look forward to coming back. 

3. How do I nominate someone?

Nominating someone is very easy, fill out the form on this page and push send. Send us a photo of the nominee and a tribute video if you'd like. The nominee DOES have to have a paid ticket, however.

4. Why is there a cost for the nominee?

We figure that you would want to support an event that you nominate your PhenomeMOM for, therefore we offer a very small price, which covers her meal for the event. 

5. Do you accept vendors?

Yes! Our PhenomeMOMs and their loved ones appreciate having the opportunity of purchasing last-minute items. Our vendors love this event and look forward to coming each year. We accept no more than two vendors per item (i.e. jewelry, purses, etc.) to eliminate competition. We only accept one person per brand sold (i.e. Mary Kay, Premier Design, Pampered Chef, It Works, etc.) therefore if you sign up and we already have a person, your money will be refunded. We also only accept no more than 10 vendors for this event to keep the focus on our PhenomeMOMs.

6. Do you allow refunds?

NO!! ALL SALES ARE FINAL including vendors, sponsors, and ticket holders. Make certain that you are ready to commit before making the final purchase. If you decide that you are no longer able to attend, please contact us with the name of the person that will come in your place. If you are a vendor, check with us to make certain that the product that your replacement will be selling is accepted on our forum. 

7. How do you select your winners?

We have a team of people that reads the submissions with the name excluded from the form therefore, your words about your nominee hold the most weight. Their work in the community makes up the difference when deciding. We all vote and the person with the most votes wins the category in which they were nominated.

8. Can we nominate for more than one category?

Each nomination requires an additional payment. We do this to discourage people from nominating in more than one category. You should know what category best describes YOUR PhenomeMOM. Please be very clear. We have learned that the women that are nominated for more than one category usually don't win either because the words are usually the same on each nomination form. If those words didn't win one category, it will probably not win the other. Be VERY creative with your words. One year a woman almost won all categories because the words used to describe her were so phenomenal.

9. What are PhenomeMOMs in Resting?

PhenomeMOMs in Resting is a picture tribute that we created to acknowledge all of the moms that are no longer with us. We ask that you submit the photo to us including the name, birth date, and resting date of the PhenomeMOM in Resting. Please put PhenomeMOM in Resting in the subject line of the email sent. There is NO FEE for this submission however, we are hoping to have submissions of women who have recently deceased.

See the video below for an example.

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