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G2W Youth Develoment

We would love to bring G2W (Girls 2 Women) Youth Develpment Program to your facility!

Program Agenda



Ages 13-18

We will discuss ideas and opportunities to grow and develop as young women. We deal with life goals, life developing skills, self esteem, bullying, personal and professional relationships and a host of other things to help build productive young women. You don't want your daughter to miss out!!!​


Week 1 Individual Differences

Week 2 Finding Ourselves

Week 3 Goals

Week 4 Loving Ourselves

Week 5 Self Worth

Week 6 Fears

Week 7 Graduation Afterlife

Week 8 Success Is

Week 9 Inner Beauty

Week 10 Bullying

Week 11 Hanging Onto Past Hurts

Week 12 Stereotypes (Certificate of Completion given)



Please feel free to fill out our evaluation form and bring it back. Let us know how well we are doing. Thanks UYS Team


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