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About us

Uplift Your Sister was created in order to give new opportunities to women extending beyond the age of 21. We want to open the doors for them and redirect the paths of their lives positively.

We will help with job placement, basic computer skills and job-seeking techniques. We will also help with financial planning, life skills, mone​y management and retirement goals.

We eventually want to offer homes to young women in need, with hopes of teaching them how to survive on their own by helping applicable patrons transition from foster care and juvenile systems.  

We expect to provide counseling and group therapy for young women in need of psychological restoration from past experiences disallowing them to move forward. 

We provide spiritual and emotional guidance. We teach acceptance and responsibility for actions that causes destruction; and promote changing behaviors that produce negative consequences. 

Our basic plan is that as we uplift one woman, she will in turn uplift another. Together we can change the world; one woman at a time.



Schawayna Raie

​Schawayna Raie has been a major force at this organization. She has allowed the vision that God has given her to create great memories for Uplift Your Sister. She created the UYS PhenomeMOM Mother's Day Awards Brunch, UYS Prom Dress Giveaway program, UYS G2W Youth Development program, UYS Inner-City School spelling bee, and many more projects within Uplift Your Sister. 
​She has also used her ministry in song to help raise funds and awareness to the ministry of UYS. She has taken on great task in order to develop UYS as a go-to ministry for ones needing a safe place for their young women to develop.
​Schawayna Raie has no intentions of stopping anytime soon and she hopes to build great relationships with other outreach organizations to create the 5-star ministry she has envisioned UYS (Uplift Your Sister) to be.

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